Men’s Hairs Care: Bushie, Trim, Baldy Eagle or Clean Shaved Elephant?

No. I am not talking about men’s hairs that grow on your head nor talking about hairs loss treatment. I am talking about hairs that grow in your most private part.

Grin! You read it right. Those little crinkle cutie bushie-bushie hairs on your crotch department. It is time to take care of them like most metrosexuals do. It has become a fashion nowadays and you can’t simply ignore it as a part of your grooming ritual.

Pubic hairs shaving trend was apparently triggered by those guys in porn industries to show off their more meaty-me by get rid of hairs, later on it has become an option for men’s hair grooming must-do, either for trend or just for body hygiene purpose.

Okay. You’ve decided to give it a try, but it is advisable that you understand some common hair shaving jargons before you step into the men’s hairs shaving beauty parlor to prevent unwanted embarrassment.

Going Natural - Bushie or Full Bush
You do nothing to your pubic hairs and let them grow as they are. Full hairs still perceive as a mark of virile man and draw women crazy with their pheromone. But now, modern women tend to switch their taste to cleaner guys who have clean smell.

You only trim off some unwanted hairs and leave them about 1 inch long. The fun part is you may do some experiment like make a small patch on top of your base for instance.

Baldy Eagle
Shave all your ball hairs but leave the hair below your navel and penis untouched. You will have a smooth ball sack for your sweet heart to cuddle.

Clean Shave Elephant.
You completely shave off hairs from your ball, penis, above your navel and your -----Now stand in front of mirror. What do you see below? Ahhh!!! My gosh! An Elephant with trunk hanging low is staring back at me.

Now where to go to do this mission? I said earlier that you may go to men’s hairs shaving beauty parlor, but unfortunately, to my knowledge there is no kind of places like that (No yet) I made it up as a part of joke. I do apologize. The most convenient place to accomplish this task is by self-service at your own room.

As to method of shaving; there are manual shaving tools and products you may choose from, such as razor, razor blade, electric safety razor or rotary epilator then self-service yourself or ask your partner for help. Don’t forget to put aftershave afterwards to prevent itchy.

Another one is Waxing. If you don’t mind getting hot wax pouring on your most sensitive organ. Then wax is a fast and inexpensive option.

Using depilatory cream or powder. It is very easy to use but the drawback is your hairs start growing back very fast and may irritate.

The last one is permanent laser hair removal.
Laser hair removal is the latest trend for people to get rid of the unwanted hairs. It is safe, fast, painless and permanent but it is also the most expensive option.

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