What Men Need To Know About Buying Sexy Lingerie

Everyone knows women love getting gifts. If your thinking about buying her some sexy lingerie give heed to a few simple guidelines. In the end you can save yourself a lot of money and irritation by doing some homework first.

Let me give you some simple rules to follow. These rules will help you be sure you are getting her something that she will want to wear for you. Of course you always benefit from this if she feels sexy and more self confident. Taking a little time and doing a little up front research to figure out what makes her comfortable will pay off the first time you see her wearing your gift.

Why make it hard on yourself? Go to the local lingerie store, wait around for a sales person to offer assistance? Wonder if everyone in the lingerie section is staring at you like you have two heads or something? You can avoid all of this frustration and embarassment by shopping online.

There are, the last time I checked, about 3 million online shops that specialize in sexy lingerie. Some sell a wide variety of lingerie, different styles, different colors, and different materials. Some specialize by size. Some sell strictly for petite women, some specialize in sexy plus size lingerie. You can visit an online purveyor of lingerie and spend as much time as you like browsing around until you find that just right item, all without the pressures and embarrassments of shopping in a store. Shopping for anything online today is easy, safe and confidential.

Just make sure before you start your search that you do a little up front homework. Let me start with choosing the right size. This is paramount so don't get it wrong. If you buy something that's too big, she will think you see her differently. Buy it too small she will think you see her differently. Whatever you do don't just guess at the sizes. Find out for sure.

One of the best ways to get the sizes right is really quite simple. You don't want to come right out and ask her so how else can you find out? Easy, look through the lingerie she already has. You might want to take care to do this on the sly. If she catches you she might think one of two things that you don't want her thinking. One; she might think you have developed a fetish for ladies undergarments. And unless you do have this fetish it won't look too good for you. Two; if she doesn't wonder about you in that way, she might get tipped off to what your doing which would certainly ruin the surprise element of your gift.

Common sizes for women's lingerie are Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, 1X/2X etc. Some types of lingerie are sized similar to women's dresses ie. 4, 6, 8, 10 etc. If the lingerie is specific to her bust size it might show sizes like 34B, 36A, 40C.

A very important but simple thing to do when trying to decide on sizes is to look at the different size charts of some of the lingerie manufacturers. Don't know any? Check the labels of your ladie's lingerie. Most of the companies that make lingerie, although they may only sell wholesale to retailers, still have a size chart on their websites. Looking these different size charts over will show you how much they differ from company to company. In the long run you will get a good idea of what sizes you need based on the height, weight and bust size of your special lady. And remember what I told you, its important to get the size right.

When you decide on an online retailer, check for size charts first thing. If the retailer sells for several different lingerie companies they should have a size chart for each of the lingerie companies they represent. The size charts at the retailer site should be specific to the lingerie company with weight, bust and height measurements also show.

When it comes to styles of lingerie, figure out what she likes and buy that type of lingerie. Your buying it for her, not you. If you remember that you can't go wrong. There are so many different styles of lingerie like teddie, corsets, babydolls, camis, gowns, robes etc... Try to pay attention to what she already has and see if you can find something of a similar style at least for this first gift idea. Some of these styles may be conservative but look very sexy, some may be less convservative by showing a bit more skin, and sexy too.

Color is equally important. Buying her a lime green night knowing she doesn't like lime green would be wrong. No matter how good you thought it looked on the model. Women are more creative with colors than men but even though they all still tend to like certain colors and combinations of color. See what colors she wears the most now and don't stray too far from that if you can help it. A good rule of thumb if your not really sure is: redheads look great in green and yellow, brunnettes look sexy in red and white and blondes always good good in black and blue.

Ok, you've done your homework. Now your ready to buy her that special gift. Now all you have to do is sift through the online stores, look at hundreds of pictures of sexy women in lingerie and make your decision. I know thats the hard part but it will be worth it in the long run.

Oh, and don't forget as with any gift, presentation means a lot to a woman. Have it gift wrapped to add to the excitement. Most retailers offer gift wrapping services free of charge so take advantage and make it a special day for her and then you both get to reap the rewards of your efforts.

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