Fishing Trip Preparation 10 Things You Should Do

fishing trip preparation can make your fishing trip much more fun and productive than if you just hurriedly throw your stuff together as you are running out the door. I know we are all guilty of doing that but a little fishing trip preparation can go a long way!
These fishing trip preparation tips should always be done in the late winter or very early spring and then kept up all summer as needed. So here are a few fishing trip preparation tips that you can do on those late winter days when you have cabin fever or on those rainy early spring days!

Fishing trip preparation, tip 1. Check your rods for nicks in the guides. Do this by running a cotton swab around the inside of the guide. If cotton sticks on the guide then you have a problem as this can damage your line causing you to loose that fish of a lifetime. Repair or replace any nicked guides!

Fishing trip preparation, tip 2. Check your reel seats and make sure your reels are tightened in and ready for action. Make sure that the threads on your reel seats are not cross threaded or stripped out.

Fishing trip preparation, tip 3. Clean the cork or foam grips on your rods with soapy warm water and a scouring pad.

Fishing trip preparation, tip 4. Clean up your reels. Clean the outside and do the inside by cleaning the old grease out and replacing it with new grease. Make sure you don't have any excessively worn parts especially the drag washers. If you do replace them. Take your time with this as there are some very little springs in there that can go flying and you will need to know where to put them when you get through crawling around the floor looking for them.

Fishing trip preparation, tip 5. Change all of your line. I can usually get through a season with my line and have gone 2 but I don't recommend that. After so much use the line weakens, gets beat up and so on. It is a shame to loose the fish of a lifetime due to old beat up line. Don't skimp on line. If you buy a 500 yard spool of 10 LB test for $3.50 that is just what you will get, some crappy $3.50 line that will snap and break every chance it gets!

Fishing trip preparation, tip 6. Make sure you have enough hooks and make sure they are sharp. Sharpen the hooks on your baits and lures and change out any rusty hooks.

Fishing trip preparation, tip 7. Make sure your tackle is organized. An un-organized tacklebox makes it hard to find stuff when you need it. I have a habit of using one thing and then switching and then a crankbait goes into the jig box. If I don't keep my stuff orginized after a while I have stuff everywhere and can't find anything quickly when I need it.

Fishing trip preparation, tip 8. Check your raingear. If it has holes replace it. There is nothing more miserable than being cold and wet. Don't forget it. If you do you know it will rain!

Fishing trip preparation, tip 9. Make sure you have all the required flotation devices and anything else required to be carried in the boat and make sure your fishing license is up to date. Make sure you know all the rules and regulations and have everything you are supposed to have, saying I didn't know that probably not keep you from getting a ticket.

Fishing trip preparation, tip 10. Make sure the batteries in the camera are good or new and that you have plenty of room on the memory card to practice CPR, catch photograph and release.

If you do these Fishing trip preparation tips at the beginning of the season and then maintain them throughout the season you will have a good rewarding fishing season. GOOD LUCK!