Benefits of Whey Protein

We all have read the nutrition labels and know how important macronutrients are to our life. After all, without carbohydrates, protein, and fats we wouldn't be able to have energy. However, there is one macronutrient that serves a greater purpose than to be used as fuel, and that is protein.Proteins are distinct from other macronutrients because it is composed of little chains of nitrogen that contains subunits called amino acids.

These are important to the body because they are a primary source of dietary nitrogen which is an essential element. Amino acids also serve a huge role in building muscle.It is clear that protein plays a greater role in building muscle than the other macronutrients, so if you are building a better physique, do not neglect it.

Whey protein is a form of protein that digests very quickly, usually within 30 minutes, and it also contains all of your essential amino acids. It is especially important when you workout.Why is it important to take whey protein after you workout? After you workout, your body is highly sensitive to insulin.

Insulin helps to shuttle macronutrients to your muscles instead of fat cells. This sensitivity declines within an hour or two after you workout.During this period it is very important to get as much protein and carbohydrates to your muscles as possible. You want to build back up your glycogen reserves and build back stronger so that you can hit the gym sooner. This allows for you to grow faster and stronger than ever.

Whey protein is also very safe for you. There is no evidence that says that whey protein has any harmful side effects. With moderation, it is very safe. In fact, it can boost your immune system and increase muscularity. Whey protein is also natural and is found in everyday food such as milk.You want to make sure that you take whey protein especially after you workout and wake up.

Your body is highly sensitive during these times and the fast absorption of whey protein will be fully utilized. You can take it at other times during the day, but don't let whey protein take the place of natural foods.For the rest of the day, just stick to your healthy foods. Make sure and eat plenty of nuts, dairy, lean meats, vegetables and fruit.

All of these serve a purpose that whey protein will not do, and without proper diet you will never see results. Remember that diet and training is greater than supplements.If you haven't made the choice to add whey protein to your diet, I would suggest it. It is very cheap, order online for great prices, and it will last you a while. Your body is a great investment. After all, you have to put up with it everyday. So make sure that you aren't going about it with half force.

by Travis Killian