Improve Your Golf Game With These Simple Golf Tips

There are so many reasons why good golfers have low scores. After so many rounds of playing with them, here's what I found.
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Buying equipment seems to be the most popular because it's probably the easiest and the laziest method. New equipment is nice, but it's expensive and it may not be the most effective!Some people take lessons too. They help a great deal, but they are expensive and you really need to dedicate yourself for this to work.

The even more educated understand that it's the short game is where it is really important. If the pros can shoot in the 80s with our long game and their own short game, maybe it's time to look into it? Practicing is key with the short game. These people stay out in the field and just hit balls after balls.
golf swing, golf tips

All these are good but there's actually something even easier. Check these tips out and improve your golf game with these simple golf tips and  guaranteed few strokes off!

1. Glove - Please. Change them. Old gloves don't have the gripping power that new ones do. If the club slips, forget trying to hit the ball in the same spot.

2. Spikes - Once you get new spikes, you will see that it is a no-brainer because you no longer slip and lose your balance when you swing. This is especially important during the course where you are on uneven lies!

3. Tees - How do you expect the ball to go the same distance and direction if you don't hit the ball with the sweet spot of the club every time? I used to pickup tees but no more. I always tee my balls the same height nowadays.

4. Hydration - In the early days of my golfing career, I would play well and then lose the edge towards the end of the round. After a while of this frustration, I read somewhere that keeping myself hydrated will help me sustain my energy and focus. This means drinking water, Gatorade or some type of liquids throughout the round. Nowadays, it wouldn't be uncommon for me to drink 2-3 bottles of water during an 18-hole round. 4-6 strokes saved.

5. Warm up - I still don't spend enough time on warm up but I noticed that sometimes it takes me 1-2 holes just to get relaxed and able to swing freely. This is all due to not having enough warm up. Warming up also helps relaxes your mind and enables you to make adjustments to compensate for the way balls are flying. More importantly, warming up reduces injuries! 1-3 strokes saved.

6. Eat Light - Don't eat something heavy because you will feel sleepy and your muscles will slow down. You don't want to hit the ball shorter than normal do you? With too much in your stomach, you also won't be able to focus as much.