Are You Getting Your Maximum Erection?

I was at a clinic recently to see the doctor for my flu. But something caught my attention whilst waiting for my turn. It was an advertisement by one of the biggest pharmaceutical company. And it read something like this… ‘you are not alone. More than 50% of male age 40 to 70 years old suffers some form of erectile dysfunction (ED)”.

ED is defined as a condition where the man either cannot keep an erection long enough to complete sex or the inability to get an erection, even with sexual stimulation ED can be temporary or permanent, depending on the severity. The older one gets, the more severe the degree of ED.

How can a person tell if he is suffering from some form of ED? The best is to consult your doctor but here is a fairly simple do-it-yourself way.

When you wake up in the morning, you should have an erection. A healthy male should have an erection at least once in three days. If you do not experience an erection within three days, chances are that you suffer from some degree of ED.

The setbacks if one is suffering from some form of ED are: - Cannot enjoy sex to the fullest for him or as a couple - Feeling of anxiety and depression - Feeling of less masculine or decreased self-esteem. - Less love-making sessions and may cause spouse to get suspicious of other woman.

There are many causes of ED. Some of the more common causes are stress at work, too much drinking, lack of sleep and so on. But we need not know the ‘why’, unless you are in the medical field. As ordinary men, we just need to know the ‘how’. Or the how to overcome it.

While there are western drugs or medicines, there are other alternatives like using Chinese herbs, which are not harmful in the long term. Some herbs are not meant for ED only. They are used as a general energy booster. Even healthy males reported enjoying a more heighten love- making session. Do explore such alternatives, which have a growing interest for substitutes to western drugs. However, the solution on using the herbs are not meant to be a substitute for medical advice. Do consult your doctor if you have severe ED or if in doubt.

By: pilpil

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