Pick Your Penis Size now! Does Surgical Method really work?

This is the second part of my posting on dong-y issue. We are misled to believe that we guys could achieve a certain size of our manhood through either by self treatment method or by surgical method of magical treatment and penile exercise without any flaw.

It sounds simple and tooo---unreal to me. If you feel unhappy with your manhood you could upgrade your boyhood to man-ster size hood. Or if you feel your hood is too big---you could un-pluck few more extra meats and become more aesthetical in look and size.

BTW. Do you ever know or hear any guys complaining about his oversize tool? NO?
Me, either.

You could increase your penis size by surgical method and pick whatever sizes for your penis: S / M / L / XL or XXXtra Long and fit test at your heart content, but I do advise you to read facts behind each surgical practice.

There are few common methods can be used.

1. Using injection
This method is very famous among adult actors and could be injected into your penis or your ball using a certain liquid substance like saline, collagen, mineral oil, KY jelly or your own body fat. This treatment reported very successful in increasing penis girth by almost 900%.

Imagine this:
If your penis girth is 1.5 inch, after receiving injection your penis will be blown up like balloon to a size of your beer mug in girth.

Or if your ball is an egg size, after treatment will turn out to be a volley ball.
See image of the blown up ball after saline injection here to see what I am talking about.

Fact behind liquid substance injection:
Injection method may have side effects like disfigurement such as extreme turn to either left or right direction; permanent scarring and bumps. To make it worse, the side effect including loss of sensation and inability to perform penetrative intercourse.

2. Implants.
The idea is to replace the two corpora cavernosa with inflatable penile implants and is done primarily as a therapeutic surgery for impotent patients. To achieve a full erection you must manipulate a small pump implanted in your groin or ball by hand.

The larger inflatable penile implant, the larger the dong you have and the good news is you could have erection any time, and use it as long as you want to without any fear of losing your grips. It’s just a quick P-U-M-P.

The major side effect is this surgical treatment can never be reversed and your penis sensitivity is questionable.

3. Beading or Pearling

This activity is very popular in Indonesia and Southern Asia countries where these guys inserted small object under skin of penis close to glans. The objects used range from implanting ball bearing under skin to extreme practice of inserting gold bar or ring through the glans. (For more detail about this auchie practice, read my posting on male genital piercing)
Does this practice really increase your penis size? A BIG question. It does enlarge nothing but boost your man’s ego.

4. Tissue Removal

Have an experience urologists and plastic surgeons to remove some tissue or fat from your upper penis root. This simple operation will increase your penis length an inch or more. But be ready to accept that your erection will not point upwards anymore. It tends to point and stares downwards every time you have erection. This is because you have just removed the suspensory ligament that holds your penis in that position.

Does it sound familiar? Yes. You have a well hung dick now, Buddy.
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