Eat and Stay Younger

Eat right with one of these foods everyday and you’ll be healthier, younger, and have a great sex for the whole life. Know the fact of these foods benefit you and start adding these foods to your daily diet.

Sunflower seed
Simply eat sunflower seeds as snack or sprinkle its oil to your salad will refresh your skin and make you feel younger.

Sunflowers have the highest natural vitamin E compared to any food around. And this Vitamin E is one of the most important nutrients at fighting the aging process triggered by free radical.

So grab a small pack of the salty sunflower seeds and chew your day to a younger you.

Sweet Potatoes
Eat it and your look won’t run pass over your age.

Sweet potatoes are very effective to fight skin damage caused by overexposure to the sun. This fact is supported by researchers from Europe that revealed that pigments from beta-carotene rich food like sweet potatoes help preventing damage from ultraviolet ray.

Spinach and Beans
Do you know the real reason Popeye eat a can of spinach is not to get stronger but to get rid of those wrinkles.

Researchers from Indonesia and Australia found out that if we consume more green vegetables like spinach and beans we will have fewer wrinkles. This is because spinach and beans are full of compounds that help and repair wear or tear on our skin as we get older.

Grape Juice
Drink this heaven drink and save your heart.

Grape juices effectively prevent us from heart attack and stroke and the more good news is it is also help our skin from sagging. It is possible since grapes are full of antioxidant polyphenols that helps our skin be more flexible and elastic.

Say cheezzeee and bare your stronger teeth.

Cheese is a good source of calcium to keep your teeth stronger. Eating at least two small block of cheese every week will lower the level of bacteria in our mouth thus keep our teeth clean and cavity-free.

Healthier teeth means one thing that is younger look.