Seven Circumcised Penis Myths and Facts

I didn’t post this subject to raise an open debate on pros or cons about this very anciently practice. Shall our boys go through this pain for their benefit? I personally think it is a completely elective surgery, meaning that it is not necessary. And for this reason I would prefer to leave my newborn boy uncircumcised. Let him decide what suits him best once he has been an adult.

Myth 1 :
Circumcised penis is more penile hygiene and cleaner.
A substance consists of oils, dead skin an antibody called smegma will accumulate beneath the foreskin of uncircumcised penis thus provide an ideal environment for bacteria colonization. This condition will increase the risk of infection, unhealthy and unclean.

Fact 1:
Smegma has been wrongly accused as unclean or dirty. In fact, it is very clean. The antibodies in fresh smegma actually prevent bacteria colonization. It is true when the accumulation of smegma went unchecked could be unhealthy but any penis that is not properly washed is at high risk of infection since dirt and bacteria can collect everywhere from your foreskin, scrotum and your pubic hairs.

Myth 2:
Foreskin does not have any significant function in our body but to provide away for gems causing UTI, HPV and HIV to easily invade our body thus circumcision serves as diseases prevention. It is minor surgery and not so painful.

Fact 2:
The foreskin is a functional organ with a purpose, which is to protect the penis from bacterial infection, to provide lubrication during intercourse, and to enhance the sexual
experience of the man.

The truth is that gems causing UTI, HPV, HIV and other diseases can be absorbed through membranes in our the penis, mo matter you are “foreskin captain” or “cut lieutenant”. Another fact is that circumcision is very painful even when pain relief is administered to the patient; the penis is sore throughout the recovery time and prone to infection.

Myth 3:
Circumcision effectively prevents UTI (urinary tract infection)

Fact 3:
There is no reason to recommend circumcision to prevent potential or recurrent UTI, as there is no indicator that having a foreskin creates a greater incidence of urinary tract infection.

Although there are many studies conducted to prove it a significant increase of UTI rate among uncircumcised but there is not enough evidence for pediatric organizations and AAP to recommend routine infant circumcision.

Myth 4:
Circumcision can reduce cervical cancer rates

Fact 4:
The above statement probably derived from an article in New England Journal of Medicine in 2002 that claimed that circumcision reduced the risk of causing cervical cancer. Despite the study being flawed and the conclusions exaggerated, many still cite it as "proof" that circumcision can reduce cervical cancer rates.

That fact is most medical institutions such as American Cancer Society, The Cancer Research UK, The American Academy of Pediatrics and Canadian Paediatric Society
do not link non-circumcision to cervical cancer.

Consider this fact: 91% of American men born in 1970 and 83% of American men born in 1980 were circumcised and U.S is considered to have very high rate of circumcision rate but strangely U.S is also reported as country with highest cervical cancer rates compared to countries with the lowest rates of circumcision like Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Scandinavia, the U.S.S.R., China, and Japan. It is obvious that circumcision rates do not affect the cervical cancer rates across the globe.

Myth 5:
Circumcision may offer some protection against HIV for men.

Fact 5:
It did not. You are equally at the same high risk of getting infected by HIV no matter you keep your skin intake or cut. There are many other factors may be involved in the likelihood of us to contract HIV. An even better way to protect oneself against HIV might be to practice safe sex than cutting your foreskin.

Myth 6:
Circumcision is more aesthetic look

Fact 6:
Hmm…. As to personal taste, I will let it to you to decide.

Myth 7:
Circumcision provides better sexual experience, stronger erection and bigger penis

Fact 7:
Come on…Don’t be silly. You know it has nothing to do with it.