Dating Tips: How to Approach Woman

1. Pay attention. Know her, Identify HerIf you want to approach woman, you must pay attention first by observing her for few minutes before even take your nerve to approach her. Don’t rush. She won’t run away.

Observing her will give you more opportunity and time to figure out what to talk to and get a clear of her reaction to men who try to approach her. Learn from her reaction and body language. Observe why men fail and do not copy it.

One caution! Don’t stare at the woman. Just make a brief eye contact and give your best smile, and go on doing your business for next few minutes. Pretend you are not interested and peek at her when she is not looking. This first step will spark curiosity.

2. Desperate? No-don’t let it show.
Even if it is true, you have been single too long and you are lonely, but don’t let your desperation shows. It will make you look like a real loser in her eyes and loser won’t get laid.

Instead of begging her phone number or telling her about your unlucky love life and blaming your ex, why don’t you tell her that you spent too much time pursuing your career and be a single parent to an autism daughter? So that leaves you little time to go out with women.

That’s what most shy man would have said. It doesn’t sound boring or desperate. It makes you look like a real person with social problem, honest without sounding like a lonely guy.

3. Know what to say.
Women love attention, not from every one but from you if you know exactly what to say. So, your approach should be unique and direct.

Complimenting her outlook, saying, for instance: “I like the outfit you are wearing. You look so fresh and the color goes with your hair”. But be sincere. Simplicity works.

3. Be a good listener.
Don’t talk about yourself unless she asks about you. Your goal here is to keep the conversation flow and make it interesting.

Ask question about what she loves, their life, places she would love to go and so on. The next step if pay attention, be good listener, and she will definitely love your company because you are talking about the things that interest her.

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