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You don't have to hang yourself if you know that a certain food could prevent prostate cancer, add it to your daily diet and kick that ball cancer away while you still can kick!

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Here we go again folks. Researchers are now suggesting thatlycopene, abundantly found in tomatoes, can now lower the riskof getting prostate cancer. These modern studies on prostatecancer have concluded that tomato-based products may greatlyhelp in protecting men from prostate cancer.

The study shows that the more tomatoes in a persons diet, themore the possibility that he will not develop prostate cancer inhis lifetime. A natural prostate remedy for optimal healthshould also include a blend of vitamins and minerals supplementsfor good prostate health.

The next question I am sure you will ask is - why are tomatoes this important in preventing prostate cancer. Well, it has beendiscovered that the lycopene found in tomatoes is an antioxidantwhich in turn is a kind of chemical agent which helps to preventor reverse the cellular process of oxidation.

This works on preventing prostate cancer because it has beenproven that too much cellular oxidation can be dangerous toone's health. This is mainly because oxidation produces freeradicals, which increase one's chances of developing cancertissues. So, by its antioxidant nature, lycopene (and ultimatelytomatoes) help to destroy the free radicals and thereby preventprostate cancer and other forms of cancer for that matter.

Other ways is to look for food and vitamins that contain lots ofantioxidant like Vitamin E. Such vitamins will go a long way inhelping you to kill the free radicals in your body.

Well, in theory, this whole eating tomatoes to keep prostatecancer at bay sounds like a good idea, think back on all theother ideas that have been proven false.

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We've heard for years that getting a suntan substantially raisesthe risk of skin cancer, and we should work to stay out of thesun. Recent research however suggests that at least some sunexposure can actually be beneficial to our overall health andwell-being.

The problem is that many researchers are now focused not on goodscience but on getting media attention. This desire forattention results in theory's being published and reported tothe general public without adequate research or proof. The wholeidea of eating more tomato-based products to increase yourlycopene could probably be the result of this media attentiondrive.

Still, on the possible chance that this may be at least somewhatbeneficial and the fact that it won't harm you, it doesn't hurtto add another serving or so of tomato products to your diet. Sogo ahead and squeeze that ketchup onto your plate... at leastfor now, it's good for you.

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