Lose Fat on Its Own

Do you know your body can burn fat and calories on its own? Yes. It can, if you know how to command your body to do the task.

Here is how you can do to make your body listen to you:

1. Do short intense workout.
Basically our body is built in survival mode, so when we do exercise for long period of time consistently, our body will be instantly fighting back by holding on to fat for energy.

So once we do very short but intensive exercise, we not only build strength and burn calories but we also make our body think it is still in safe zone so it will use our fat stores to burn calories.

2. Do weight training to build more lean muscle.
Muscle burns much more energy than other body tissue. Muscles are metabolically very active even if we are sleeping, it still burns calories. The more lean muscle in your body, the more calories it burns to maintain it.

To build muscle you should do resistance training with extra weight in moderate intense session, ideally 30-40 minutes or to suit your fitness level. Instead of adding more days to you work out, increasing your weight little by little in a consistent ways is the effective way to add more pound of muscle.

3. Diet wisely
Extreme carbohydrate and strictly non-fat diets will not do any good to you. Our body will think you are in danger zone of hunger and will keep all your fat as long as possible (fat burns less calories – so if we are in danger of hunger, it is obviously our body will let go the muscles first). Your body will reserve energy in order to survive.

Eat moderately - stop counting fat grams and calories and look at how much food is on your plate! And eat more nutritiously and balance by eating foods that are natural and unprocessed.

4. Eat Moderately
The principle here is to eat everything half of what you need. Cut all your food in half amount. The main thing is, within reason; keep eating the same foods you've been eating
but only eat half as much and the fun here is you should eat more often with that small half amount.

It takes more energy and calories to digest food, the more often you eat the more calories you will burn. And since you eat more often, your body will only absorb nutrient your body need. It thinks you will flush more food constantly so no reason to keep and store more fat.

That is why, if you on strict diet like eating once time a day, your body will store more fat. Your body shoots alarm that you are on danger of hunger so it is reasonably will store and turn everything you eat into fat to keep it survived.

5. No late night snacks, please
Nothing puts on the weight quicker than a late-night snack. If you must snack - after hours, try substituting something healthy. If your self-imposed deadline is 9 p.m., then no
unhealthy food enters your body after that time. Stick with it. No late-night snacks, please.