Fight Aging Process with Exercise

Fighting aging process with exercise, and why we must do it now.
This is because a process called AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) begins to fail with advancing age, and why as we age, we have to exercise harder and harder to get optimal benefits of exercise.

AMPK stimulates our body to burn off the fat by producing mitochondria, cell’s power sources. According to the research held by a team of Howard Hughes Medical School at Yale University School of Medicine, they found AMPK slowed down in older rats when comparing the skeletal muscle of 3-month-old rats with 2-year-old rats.

Dr. Gerald Shulman, who led the research, said: The message is, with ageing, the AMPK pathway has reduced activity. The reduction could be a contributing factor to the development of insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes because of its effect on fat burning and mitochondria production

Despite of the AMPK process, don’t get discouraged by the news. Let’s fight the aging process with exercise and there’s no excuse for not exercise.

Source: BBC News

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