Testosterone Therapy: Your Men Anti-aging Formula?

Have you ever wonder why you could not gain any significant muscle, no matter how hard or how long you work out in gym? Can’t remember your new acquaintance’s name you just met few hours ago at your local laundry? Lost your sex appetite and your energy level seem to drop to the bottom from day to day?

It happened to me and probably to you too. I am only 35 and in a good health condition but I feel tired all the day. Am I getting old or does it have anything to do with our testosterone? Is the gradually declining of testosterone a natural phenomenon or I am just having a health problem? If you experience these symptoms too – you may have testosterone deficiency.

As we age, our testosterone level in our body decreases thus we won’t feel the same as we were in our twenties. But do we really need treatment to increase that manly testosterone hormone?

Testosterone therapy has been used successfully to treat patient with hypogonadism or known as a condition of an extremely low testosterone level but recently this hormone treatment has been applied to healthy aging men to boost their testosterone level. But there is no scientific evidence about the effect of this hormone treatment.

Testosterone is our main male hormone that maintains our muscle mass and strength, bone mass, fat distribution, sperm production and off course our sex drive or libido. For most men, this men menopause or declining of testosterone hormone, happens naturally within a normal range throughout our lifetimes and should not cause any significant problems.

The question now is, can the testosterone therapy really restore our sexual appetite, increase our energy and cognitive function? Most importantly could the testosterone treatment safe as our anti-aging arsenal?

Some men, who have been in the testosterone therapy claimed that they feel youthful, increase in energy and libido. But little we know that taking high doses of testosterone also cause many side effects such as sleep apnea, infertility, and high risk of stroke.

Scientist also have found that increasing testosterone level will cause problem for prostate since testosterone naturally stimulate the growth of prostate and long use of this hormone may cause prostate gland to enlarge. Doctors also believe that testosterone therapy might fuel the growth of prostate cancer, testicle shrinkage, and have linked to gynecomastia (enlarge breast) and male breast cancer.

In 2003, scientists from Institute of Medicine ( IMO ) reviewed current evidence around pros and cons taking testosterone treatment . It is clearly beneficial for men who suffered from male hypogonadism (whose testicles fail to produce sufficient testosterone hormone). This hormone therapy can restore their sexual function and libido, restore muscle strength and prevent bone loss.

But testosterone therapy treatment to healthy aging men showed no significant benefit and unknown. Until further evidence reported the true benefit for healthy men taking testosterone, IMO recommends that testosterone therapy not be used as anti-aging treatment.

If you have pondered the bad and the good of testosterone therapy and decided this treatment give your more benefits then you may start choosing a specific therapy to suit your preferences.

Below are several types of testosterone therapy:

1. Oral (Android, Virilon, and Testred )
You take testosterone orally – the most convenient method!
But this type is not recommended for long-term since it may cause unfavorable cholesterol and increase of blood clod, heart and liver problem

2. Buccal Cavity (Gum and upper Lip method).
Striant , putty-like substance, delivers testosterone through depression above your upper teeth where your gum meets your upper lip.

This product adheres to your gum line and as it exposed to saliva, soften to gel-like form thus allowing testosterone to be absorbed directly to your bloodstream.

Side effect: gum irritation / pain, bitter taste or headache.

3. Gel application
You rub testosterone gel like AndroGel or Testrim directly into your skin on your lower abdomen, upper arm or shoulder and let your body absorbs testosterone through your skin.

Side effect: possibility of transferring the medication to your partner.

4. Androderm patch.
A patch containing testosterone is applied to your back, abdomen, upper arm or thigh and must be rotated within 7 days interval.

Side effect: lessen skin reactions

5. Delatestryl, Dypo-Testoterone injections
This intramuscular testosterone injections are safe and effective but must be done every two weeks time.

Side effect : experience fluctuations in symptoms relief between doses.