Man Genital Hair Removal – Try these alternatives!

This is my second installment on manscaping, man genital hair removal subject. On my first installment I talked about the easiest method to get rid of your genital hairs by shaving and now I will let you know other alternatives besides shaving.

For centuries the waxing has been used as one of method to get rid of your pubic hairs in Albanian culture and Mediterranean regions. The waxes usually made of sugar-base material with lemon. To lessen the discomfort feeling, oils and scented also applied to the process.

Waxing became popular among American women in 1990’s. Women at that time who wanted to wear the then-new thong bikinis had no choice but to get rid of their pubic hairs. Since the waxing was originated and gained its popularity from Brazil thus all activities of waxing is known as Brazilian waxing and for us-guy, it is known as boyzilian waxing.

A specialized type of Brazilian waxing is the Brazilian Butterfly, which is, a Brazilian on both sides of the perineum. Glabrousness is for a complete lack of hair on genitals and most other parts of the body. We could also leave unwaxed area, hairy part to be trimmed and shaped into a certain shape like heart which is called heart landing strip.

1. Hairs won’t grow back and last up to 2 months.
2. Re-grown hairs become softer and softer.
3. Cheap.

1. More painful since hot wax is spread to your most sensitive area.
2. You have to let your hairs grow about 1/2 inch before you can repeat the same process
3. Ingrown hairs.

1. Due to the painful process it is advisable to have a specialized licensed cosmetologist or esthetician to perform your boyzillian waxing.
2. Ask them to use product with topical anesthetics to lessen the pain.
3. Apply hair inhibitor afterwards to slow down hair regrowth and sometimes may halt it completely.
4. Avoid shower or wet your hair prior to waxing since it will be easily pulled off and less likely to adhere to the wax.
5. Test a test a small area of skin first to make sure there is no acute sensitivity or allergic reaction to the process.

If you want to do the waxing process yourself, make sure you heat the wax. Make it soft rather than runny and apply thin layer of wax in hair growth direction and peel back with a rapid movement close to the skin. Do not pull up!

This method is my favorite of manscaping besides shaving. It is so easy and no pain involved. All you need is a pair of sideburn trimmer to trim it down and the result is very neat velvet hairs for your sweetheart to play with.

1. Very cheap
2. No itchy and sensitive skin like shaving
3. You can do it yourself

Except you have to trim more often compared to other methods, I could not find any. Really!

A chemical lotion that you apply to your body part to remove your unwanted hairs almost instantly. Apply and rub it off! Simple and easy and you can have it at any chemistry store.

1. Convenient. Apply and rub it off.
2. Exfoliates the skin simultaneously.

1. It may not suitable for everyone and not recommended to apply to sensitive area
2. May cause acne and rashes.
3. Unpleasant smell.

This method is including electricity and little shock to annihilate hair for good.

1. it’s permanent and rather safe.

1. Time consuming – each hair is treated one by one
2. Expensive
3. Minor discomfort

Laser Hair removal
Unlike using others methods, laser hairs removal is consider the best of all in term of getting of your hairs removed for good. It’s quick and only causes minor pain but the result is permanent.

But the drawbacks of this method are it could be very expensive and only work best on dark-haired light-skinned individual only. If you are light-skinned with fair-haired this method may not give you the best result.
And another con is another treatment is required for dormant hairs and you can not expose the lasered area to sun for weeks.