Cheap and Romantic First Date under $100.00

Let’s do little math and see how much does one date cost you. But before we start, do you know typical places we usually take her to on our first date? Movies. Dinner or both?

Don’t take her to either one. Movies and dinner are not cheap. They are not ideal places to go especially on your first date. A movie is the wrong place if you are shooting for conversation. Dinner is fine, but if you are taking her to luxurious restaurant to impress her – you are wrong, since both of you will be focus more on your food and your table manner rather than on your date.

Be creative. Try something different. Take her to some interesting places, somewhere you both can interact and get to know each other and it doesn’t need to be expensive and costly to make a memorable romantic first date.

Now, let’s get down to the little math:A decent dinner will cost you at least $30.00 / person (appetizer, main course, dessert, drinks, tax and tips), after dinner you hit for your favorite movie at $8.00 / person, popcorn at $5.50 and another drink at $5.00. Sum it up, it cost you $ 48.50 / person for movie and dinner. 48.50 x 2 people will cost you $97.00. Don’t forget to add up gasoline, and parking ticket fee. It’s cost you more than $100.

Do you know there are plenty places to go on your first date and they aren’t cost you more than $100.

Go to Farm and Pick Fruits - $ 50.00
Go to a farm where both of you can walk into the field holding hands and pick whatever fruits is in season. Then go back to your place and make fruit pie. The charge is usually per bushel. If you get a bushel or half bushel of apples, that what you will get charged for. The fun here is you are out picking fruits together in an open air and the romantic part is you both will be enjoying the fresh pie in the evening.

Ice Cream tasting - $ 10.00
Buy 1 pint of your favorite ice cream for two, grab some gossip magazines and blanket then head outdoor. Sit on grass with blanket; eat your ice cream, read magazine, laugh at it and switch once you are finish. Don’t forget to try each other’s ice cream. How much does it cost? Barely $ 10.00 and it is very sweet. I mean the ice cream. : )

Garage sale adventure
Scan your Friday’s local paper. Find all local garage sales, map them out. Plan the route together. Early Saturday morning, pick her up, go to your coffee shop, and buy 2 cups coffee and some cookies and then head to as many as garage sales you can. You will never run out of conversation topics rummaging through other people’s junk.How much does it cost? If you are on bike – it only cost you coffee and cookies. Another $10.00. Hmm..not a bad idea, isn’t it?

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