Money-poor Romance-rich Gift Ideas

We don’t have to open our wallet and dig deeper to open her heart.Here is few romantic-rich gift idea you could give her which cost you no more than $10 and some almost cost you nothing except your creativity.

1. Present her 1 day escape and she will be a happier woman once she returnsMake a handmade card and write something like: since you are so special, you are granted to 1 full day to do whatever you want. And you will do cleaning, watch the kids or whatever she normally does.
Make her breakfast and hide the card under the plate. She will appreciate the breakfast you make no matter how awful the food may taste. The exciting part is to see her expression once she read your card.

It cost you only $1.00 for the art paper to make the card. But she will love you more for letting her 1 day escape from daily chores and she will be back as a happier woman.

2. Chocolate to sweeten her dayBuy a box of M&M and put each single pc of M&M into a small plastic bag. Insert a small note saying: “I love you, this one is to sweeten your mouth”, “I love you, this one is to sweeten your day”, “Miss you already”, and other creative words you may come up with.

The fun part is to hide them into the places she may run into and giving her clue that it is not the only one. Another one is waiting. Once she finds 1 pc M&M in her purse, for instance, and read a note saying finding another one will lead her one step closer to her present.

This will create curiosity and she is going to find another chocolate the whole day long. The game should be end once she found you with another box of M&M in expected places as her real present.

3. Make a listTake time and make list of, “100 Things You Love her”. Hand written and laminated it with some dried rose petals.

4. Coupons to pamper herPrinted coupons for her to redeem. Each coupon will say something you are willing to do to pamper her once she redeems the coupons.

For instance:Since I love you so much, I will wash dishes for you.A romantic message with candlesOne hour walk with youNo TV sports events.

Don’t forget to add these notes: these coupons recognize no expire date