Acer Putters - Accurate on the Greens

Having your own set of golf clubs is a must if you are a hardcoare golfer. After all, working with your own set of clubs every time you head out to the course will strengthen your golf game. But it really isn't a great idea to buy a set of clubs from your local sporting goods store-not when customized clubs can be made for you.

The golf clubs you see for sale at local stores are mass produced and are typically sized the same. They are generally made for men and women who are of average size in height and weight and who have average strength. Unless you fit the manufacturer's definition of 'average' (and who does?), these clubs will not work well for you. Instead, look into getting clubs custom made for you.

Start with your putter-many golf professionals recommend Acer putters. This brand is highly recommended because Acers are some of the most technologically advanced in the component industry. Acer uses computer aided design (CAD) software to develop their plans. Plus, since the United States Golf Association (USGA) changed a rule about how putters can be shaped (the face doesn't need to be larger than the front-to-back measurement), Acer putters are made with a different shape to them.

This helps to make them more precise and straight. Acer putters are available in five different models. They all can be custom assembled, and each can help your game significantly. These models each have different features: Acer CB2: These Acer putters have very high inertia due to the way the weight is distributed to the outer part of the head. The face and center of this model are more lightweight, though, as the face is made of milled aluminum. Accuracy is impressive in this two-piece Acer.

Acer CB3: Acer took advantage of the USGA rule change when developing this model. The traditional putter shape is reversed, with less material in the face (at 2 2/3") and more in the corners. These Acer putters have a head of stainless steel with a black aluminum insert. Due to the shape and design, these Acers greatly reduce twisting.

Acer CB4: These Acer putters are definitely the most customizable-they offer 36 custom options! Additional screws can be used to fine-tune the weight and balance of this Acer, making it ideal for anyone who wants the ultimate in customization. This model has an inverted profile design, meaning that the rear is wider than the face, which maximizes the moment of inertia.

Acer CB5: This is a mallet type, yet it is more compact from front to back than most other mallet types. Additionally, these Acer putters have good weight in the rear corners which provides a high moment of impact. This results in less backspin for a more accurate putt.

Acer CB6: These Acer putters resemble a cross between a mallet and a blade type. The perimeter wings contain redistributed weight, which helps to provide both inertia and accuracy to the putts. Choosing any of these Acer Putters can help to improve your game. Studies have shown that about 40% of any game of golf is spent on the green.

So, it is essential to own a club with which you are comfortable and which will give you the type of performance that you need on the green. All of the Acer putters have excellent moment of inertia ratings, which means that they are highly accurate. A recent test of various golf clubs was performed and published in a popular golfing magazine, and the Acers out-performed all of the other clubs that were tested. Of course, you will have to put in time and effort with these clubs; however, choosing an Acer is certainly a good decision if you are trying to greatly improve your golf game.