Wine Racks - Style And Function For Your Home

Wine lovers understand the form and function of a wine rack. Not only are wine racks a functional storage solution for a wine collection, they often serve as an important part of home decor. Wine racks are more handsome and stylish than ever, and various options exist when considering a purchase.

Here are a few factors to consider.When buying a wine rack, first ask yourself how many bottles you wish to store, and how many bottles you have on hand at one time. Since the spectrum of wine racks is expanding, you'll have various options, from table top wine racks to wine racks holding hundreds of wine bottles.

You may even want to consider more than one wine rack if your collection is large.Your decorating preferences and personal style will also come into play. Do you want to wall mount your wine rack, or is a table top wine rack sufficient?

Do you prefer your wine rack situated discreetly in a corner, or would you prefer a centerpiece stylish addition to your home? Wine rack options are plentiful, so consider form and functionality.Another aspect of decor to consider is texture. Wine racks come in a variety of compositions, like steel, aged wood, brushed metal, brass, and more. Choose one that fits seamlessly into your style and home decor.

Our personal preference is a wine rack that offers display and storage of other wine related items in addition to the wine bottles themselves. In essence, we like a focal point "wine center" with all our wine and wine accessories in one place. Numerous stylish options are available, with ample storage and display options for wine books, wine accessories, wine glasses, and even wine art.Wooden wine racks are probably the most known and available wine racks option.

Wooden wine racks are not only available in aged wood, but also polished oak and many other treated woods. Wooden wine racks are especially popular because they seem to evoke the atmosphere of a rustic, country winery.Wine racks are available in numerous price points, from under $30 to several thousand dollars.

Most wine collectors own more than one wine rack, both for storage and convenience reasons. We prefer one central wine storage center, and a smaller wine rack for some of our purchases on our U.S. wine trails travels.No matter your choice of wine rack, don't be afraid to have fun and experiment. That's half the fun of wine drinking! Come to think of it, that's half the fun of home decor too!