Increase sperm count, mobility, and motility

Men, we have our own priorities when it comes to conceiving and trying for a baby, we need to consider our own male fertility health. There are some basic guidelines to follow such as eat healthy, avoid hot baths and showers, avoid junk foods, and limit the amount of alcohol you drink. Smoking contains over 4000 chemicals, 400 of them are poisonous and should be avoided too. You need to increase sperm count and semen quality.

Don't sit too long or over do it exercising as this can heat up your testicles and decrease sperm mobility. Driving can also damage sperm quality. The scrotum is designed to help keep the testicles protected from extreme temperatures, raising & lowering them from the body depending on the temperature.

This is what is meant by NO hot baths and the wearing of loose boxers to keep the groin area at a comfortable temperature. Laptops can increase the temperature on the groin area and should be left to tables and off the laps.

Taking multivitamins is said to help as well as a healthy diet but no caffeine. There are pills available to increase semen volume but we think it best to see your fertility clinic or doctor as some of these may affect your semen quality.

Becareful when using lubricants as many of them have been known to actually damage semen quality. Most lubricants are spermicidal which means that they kill sperm. You will need to use one which is non spermicidal.

Even though love may be in the air and the act of making love is required to conceive, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Too much sexual intercourse can actually deplete the quality of semen. Try once a day or every other day.

There are not many male fertility sites that are set up just to help men increase semen count or increase sperm mobility but this is just as a serious issue as it is with women's fertility. 40% of issues about fertility are a result from the male side.

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