Vaginal Odor And My Recent Relationship

In a relationship, vaginal odor is a tough problem for both partners. It is embarrassing for the female, and frustrating for the male. Even in the greatest country in the world, USA, women feel uncomfortable to talk about this subject. While I don't dare to say every woman has it, I strongly believe vaginal odor affects almost every woman at some time in her life.

As one of my friends would say: "that's women's cross we have to carry it". It's a natural thing. But, sometimes, natural smell of the vagina is taken over by a strong dead fish smell that becomes intolerable. I experienced having a girlfriend that suffered from vaginal odor; trust me, it's not easy to handle.

After dating a month, I found out she had a problem; I am talking about Strong Vaginal Odor. The first time I suspected that, she just got home from a long trip; I thought that maybe she needed a shower. Within the same month, I constantly faced the same problem with her. I realized it's more real than I thought.

Worst, it's like she was not even aware of it. Many times, politely, I had to ask her to wash before we have sex. When she asked why, I told her is because I want to do cunninglingus (oral sex). I was so preoccupied by the matter that I started doing research on what may have caused that pungent smell and how to treat it?

Vaginal odor can be caused by many factors from which I conclude the following: lack of feminine hygiene, Chlamydia, Genital Herpes, Gonorrhea, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, Syphilis, and more.

Surprisingly, a great number of women who suffer from vaginal odor don't realize that. In this case, I was the first to discover the issue.

Depending on the smell, a woman should see her health care provider right away to find out if there is something more serious, like a STD. Your physician may prescribe you antibiotics like they did for my girlfriend. But too many antibiotics do more harm than good; antibiotics tend to decreases the immune system.

My girlfriend was put under an antibiotic treatment. After one month, the problem remained the same, not to say worse. I suggested she stop taking the antibiotic treatment and try a natural supplement. Along with the remedy, she has kept the vaginal area clean and dry. The smell was gone within two weeks.

When you find yourself in a relationship with a female suffering from vaginal odor, how do you tactfully and nicely tell it to her? Believe me, it's not easy to handle. As I told you before, many times I asked my sweet heart to take a shower pretending I am going to do 'sixty-eight'. When she finally found out there was something wrong, I played smart enough to make her feel comfortable.

If you are among those men with Sadistic personality disorder who treat women like crap, it might be easy for you. But, for a gentleman who loves and respects his partner, it takes tactic and politeness to put the problem on the table and solve it.

How and when to approach your partner, and words to be used depends on many factors, but one thing I know for sure is that it requires tenderness and respect. For more information on vaginal odor, please visit this website
Raphaelo Steff
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